Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy…

It was six years ago that we first opened our laptops to the website needing, design desiring and marketing requesting public and in that time we’ve done all manner of things for all sorts of different businesses and people.  And we’ve been getting a little nostalgic looking back over those years and some of our jobs.

We’ve created six foot tall characters for recruitment companies, made estate agents websites stand out and perform better, built apps that make going to the pub easier, watched our logos popping up all over the place, enjoyed seeing our ads on the sides of buses, created magazines, banners and exhibition displays, developed cartoon cats, owls and programming ninjas.  We’ve consulted, collaborated and created, designed, developed and drawn.  We’ve project managed, coded, copy-written, tested and a whole heap of other stuff in between.

And while we’ve been doing that, the online world has changed enormously.

It’s All Change

The web got responsive, we finally said goodbye to IE7, said hello to the beautiful simplicity of flat design and 74.6 million of us are using WordPress.  We started using social media in earnest to market our businesses and Google+ was born.  That’s a lot of change in a relatively short period of time.

Then we got to thinking more about the future of online.  What changes might we see over the next six years?

The Future

Android, Android everywhere.  From your car to fridge, central heating to TVs and obviously your cameras.  Android is going to be helping us run everything smoothly and to seamlessly integrate all aspects of our lives.  And so the “internet of things” is expected to grow from its current, measly 1 billion to anywhere between 25-75 billion by 2020.

There will be more WordPress (or Joomla or Drupal) and less bespoke stuff – fewer and fewer people are bothering starting anything from scratch – and why would you – when you can have a plugin built and added to your site?

So what about smellyrabbit?

Well, we’re planning on doing exactly what we’ve always done: really cool stuff with things online, branding and marketing – and we can’t wait. But for today, we’ll be kicking back, drinking champagne and feeling pretty lucky to be involved in such an exciting industry.